15 August, 2011

The trip to KUL...

OK, the trip to KUL was fairly uneventful, except for the change in tyre prior to being pushed back, but that only made us 20-30 minutes late... But once in the air, service was fine, food was good, I had the lamb curry for dinner, as did J, and then the chicken roll prior to arrival! We met up with D in the airport, and eventually got to the hotel for a late dinner and bed!


Yesterday, we caught the monorail and headed up to KL Sentral (Little India) and explored the area of it sights and scents... Here are some pics!


Back Lane KL Sentral

Fountain Roundabout KL Sentral

Main Drag KL Sentral

Patronas Towers Day

Eventually through the day, there was a storm, some lightening and thunder, and we dodged it pretty much. After dinner, we headed over to the Petronas Towers for some night shots as well...

Patronas Towers night

So, that was our first day in KUL, more tomorrow!!

Hoo roo for now... ------


  1. LOVE the photos of the towers!!!

  2. The Patronis looks very much like a crystal tower at night! I so love the man street. It looks like a road of colors! So pretty!

  3. that tower night photo is awesome! Aw


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