01 August, 2011

Getting use to the 7D

OK, now I know that I am no photography expert, but the learning curve UP from my trusty old Canon EOS 400D to the 7D has been a steep one. I have had a bit of 'coaching' from the side (thanks guys) and I am slowly getting use to it. However, the biggest thing I have issue with, is the location of the power on/off switch! On the 400, it was operated by my right thumb, and on the 7D, it is on the other side of the body... So yesterday, in an emergency to get a shot, I found out on numerous times, that I needed to turn it back on, DOH! But, this is only a minor thing to get use to!

Whilst out yesterday, mainly for an afternoon of lunch and spotting with some mates for the USAF C-17 arrival, I also got out the macro filter and shot some stuff; Mouse Eared Chickweed - which is of course, a weed growing in a lawn nearby...

Mouse Eared Chickweed

USAF C-17_03

Hoo roo for now...



  1. You'll get used to it before you know it. I felt bad that I had to shelve my photography after my retinal detachments. I can no longer line up and focus. I remember crying on the shoulder of my doctor about this and he brushed it off and said, "So just get a point and shoot!"
    Not the same, but at least I get pictures.

  2. Great focus in the first shot. Happy clicking! :)


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