17 August, 2011

A day in KUL

OK, today was supposed to be a day on the tour bus (Hop-on Hop-off, to familiarise ourselves with KL. We also planned on going atop of the Petronas Towers. We did the bus thing, got on at stop 1 (around the corner from Hotel) and got off at stop 22, Petronas Towers... Got to the area to buy tickets, only to find that there was no more tickets for the day... How cranky we were!!

Royal Crest

Old Steam Engine

Well, disgruntled as we were, we jumped onto the bus again, and headed for the KL Tower. There was no issue at all here for us, we paid to get up to the top of the tower and (apart from the hazy) were not disappointed from the 360 degree views!! It was amazing to say the least!

After we got down from the heights, we NEEDED a coffee, found a little coffee shop and headed out to the verandah to sit and rest... Then OUT from the trees they came, the monkeys!!!

Monkey Feeding

Monkey Family

Monkey KL Tower

When we got back (eventually) I went to the front desk to enquire about wanting a swim in the pool under renovation... The previous evening, the duty manager said he could arrange another location, but today it was an offer of a dinner or a massage... Needless to say, I took up the offer of the 60 minute massage!!!

Hoo roo for now...



  1. You certainly are being spoilt over there! Love the monkey shots! Makes me think of our visit to the Zoo in Berlin!

  2. Brods says love the train B! Aw


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