13 August, 2005


last night a 'date' was booked, B and I were going to the movies, but we didn't quite get there. One distraction followed by another, and we decided to stay in. One of those distractions however was most welcome, and came in the form of dinner from the neighbours directly opposite us.

We couldn't believe it, the neighbours have 6 sons and 3 of them came bearing dinner just as we were about to head out the door. It was quickly decided that it would look rude of us to head off for the movie straight away (eat dinner later), so a raincheck was made on the movie.

How different it is in our house in the 'burbs as opposed to the townhouse development where you would think people would be more neighbourly.

PS. Dinner consisted of some sort of homemade sausages, seafood salad, lebanese bread, a very garlic dip, and some other sort of dip, and the best green salad ever (it was very lemony and even had tiny bits of lemon with the skin intact in it). YUMM! and thank you neighbours.

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