02 August, 2005

validation required

at the moment I feel like I am swimming against the flow. I have so much I want to achieve but have so many things that need to be progressed first before achievements can be realised. Uni and work are real endurance tests for me at the moment. Uni in particular, the last subject I did was a real challenge, especially with B in hospital and what seemed to me like a slow recovery that followed, and even after achieving an overall mark of 58.5% still being failed. I have lodged an appeal but do not like my chances. So that means even if I successfully finish this semesters subject there is a distinct possibility I will be repeating 'Accounting' from last semester. I am seriously thinking about taking a year off uni, but as I don't like things hanging over my head, I will probably battle on.

Compounding my mood:
~ the WWW (no, not the world wide web) has struck again. My message to this person is - we are over it, OK. You won. We are getting on with our lives and you should too. I cannot be bothered by your latest stunt - it's just mean.
~ I would like to give my friend P a hug, her dad has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, I think it's cancer.

I am hoping to return shortly, with a more positive post. I am knitting a scarf, I might share some pictures of that with you next time...

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