28 January, 2006

bathurst... what the???

What is it with Bathurst?
After taking several drugs to aleviate neessary back pain, we wait for 'A' to turn up... an hour late mind you!
We were supposed to leave at around 6.15am this morning, which ended up at 7.15 or there abouts!
We stopped 'up the hill' at McDonalds ?? for breakfast of their new toast. I had the Bananna and Date.
And then we were off to the Bathurst Growers Markets. We had a lovely drive, even though the drugs taken earlier this morning were not doing that much at all. But upon arrival at the Markets, we trudged around, brought ample amounts of Nectarines, Peaches, Squash and a mix of Granny Smith and Sundowner Apples. All of which were suitably taste tested prior to buying! We also got a couple of plants.
But, after the markets, we came across a very strange thing in Bathurst! What is it with naming shops with two of the same letter?

bernard's bakery

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