17 January, 2006

a very bad week for cats

this week we farewelled Mottie my 16year old moggie. Although this was sad, she died peacefully and at a ripe old age. Passing away quietly in the front yard of my parents house mid afternoon.

Mottie is fondly remembered as being the last kitten left at the RSPCA and almost not making it out of there alive, for she was a little bit too quick with the claws. This however, was soon forgotten and I put it down to being more a product of that environment; a bit scary for a tiny kitten. Better remembered for her support whilst many an hour was spent studying for my undergraduate degree and just being there, I hope you are chasing plenty of mices in pussy heaven.

Our thoughts go out to A, S, M and W for the passing of Wallace, truly the fluffiest feline that was. And thumbs down to Virgin baggage handlers for what can only be guessed was leaving him out on the tarmac for 90mins in 40 degree heat. You bastards.

And for Molly the cat even though we didn't know you, our thoughts go out to you, and your owners A's dad and L. Your fateful demise really did surmise that this was a VERY bad week for cats.

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