17 June, 2006

bloody cars (suzuki's anyway)!

What goes tap tap tap KNOCK?
Well, it is either the bearings on one of the quad cams, or one of the bearings on the crank shaft, right?
Well, that is what I believe has gone in my lil car. I mean, it has done 262,000klms, but hey, WHY NOW? You see, we had just lined up to get a security system, and I was on my way to do a 'Mystery Shop' when it started. As it was, on was on a call to 'L', and I heard this incredible noise, and I had to wait to call 'L' back...
After about 10 mins of self diagnossis, I called 'L' back to tell her my (suspected) bad news. Needless to say, I was over in Menai, and I had to limp the old girl back home... About 20 odd klms! By the time I got home, it sounded like a cross breed diesel/VW!
Anyways, after a couple of phone calls, I was now armed with 3 quotes, $2,200 for a motor that will be taken out of a wreck (2.5L instead of the current 2.0L, and out of a 2003-2005 Suzuki); Another motor out of another wreck for $3,000, or a rebuild for $8,995! Needless to say, I am going for the $2,200 model.
We will keep you posted as to how it all goes, but I am glad that I am currently going to hospital so I will not really need it anyway.

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