18 June, 2006

what a day...

Well, today we went to Goulburn! Why?
Have a look at what we got on eBay!
We were planning to leave at the Sparrows fart (early in case you were wondering), but alas, when the F.I.L and the M.I.L arrived, we just had to have scones with Chocolate Orange jam with a cuppa tea... And we finally got off around 10am.
We finally got down there to two of the loveliest people in Goulburn. They even offered to have us drop in for a cuppa if were in town again!
Anyway, loaded up and on our way, we headed for Berrima, a quaint little town in the Southern Highlands of NSW. We had lunch, check out a couple of antique shops etc etc and got home quite late, later than what was planned. L and the F.I.L unloaded what was almost quite a heavy load into the garage. All we have to do now is to source some timber posts for the corners, timber for the roof and then some roof sheeting... oh eBay, do you have all of these too??

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