05 August, 2006

chinese cooking lesson

we learnt to make pork and chive dumplings last night. They were relatively easy, very messy, and most importantly delicious.

dumpling preparation
There was lots of chopping, and apparantly we didn't have a big enough knife.
dumpling preparation II
Eventually, the chinese cabbage, chives, spring onions and pork mince concoction were ready for the production line to commence.

dumpling preparation III
We had an endless number of trays lined up ready for boiling, enough to feed a chinese army, let alone 4 people.
finished product
They were so delicious we ate more than we should, which B and I regretted, although me more so I think, because of one tiny but powerful ingredient ~ MSG. Although I had two tall tumblers of water with dinner. I had 1.5L of water immediately after dinner which made me feel extremely bloated and didn't seem to quench my thirst.
Sauces to accompany the dumplings included Hot Chilli Sauce, Malt Vinegar, Malt Vinegar and Sesame Oil, and Soy Sauce.

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