10 August, 2006

seven dozen eggs

we are less than 48 hours from saying goodbye to our guests, it has been a great experience albeit a lot more work than we both anticipated; getting meals, downloading photos, and a few too many late nights. Tonight also looks to be no different, there is a lot of packing going on, and weighing and reweighing of bags. I am amazed that the pallets of lanolin, boxes of perfume, and truckload of tacky stuffed koalas and kangaroos (made in China) seem to be fitting into their bags.

I will also be more than happy if I do not see an egg for a while. I did a rough stocktake today of how many eggs have been consumed by the girls and was shocked. In the last three and a half weeks, they have consumed seven dozen eggs, B and I have consumed possibly 2 eggs in the same timeframe. The girls have eggs for breakfast, use them in the cooking ~ to bind the pork meatballs, but also add them to soup.

I have tried the soup a couple of times but didn't really like it, it was a bit too watery and the egg which they whip up and then stir into the soup (looks a bit like noodles in the soup) doesn't add anything to the flavour so I don't really see the point.

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