22 September, 2006

All about poo and worms

I have a new toy, as seen on Better Homes and Gardens, a tumbleweed pet poo converter. My new toy is going to make the regular collection of Macc’s droppings so much fun, because a slick team of worms are going to turn dog ‘do do’ into worm poo that will be the best fertilizer the non-edible parts of my garden will get.
pet poo convertor
The Tumbleweed Pet Poo Converter is just a tumbleweed worm farm, but actually any old worm farm will do. I just like the tumbleweed one as it seems a bit better designed than its competitors, I particularly like the hinged lid, and the pet poo (how many times can I say this in the one post?) converter tag. And in case you are after the Tumbleweed Pet Poo Converter and can’t find one, it is exactly the same as the Tumbleweed Worm Farm except it comes with different instructions. Tumbleweed Sales will provide you with these instructions if you ask nicely.

Basically, the only difference from the standard worm farm is that you can only feed the worms pet poo. Apparently if you feed them anything but poo, they won't eat it. Can't blame them really!

I have had a standard worm farm in the past, but prefer to compost my vege scraps, it is much simpler than having to worry about sorting the onion skins, citrus, etc from the rest.
I am hoping pet poo conversion will be less smelly than bagging the business for the bin. However, I am concerned that Macc's monthly combined heartworm, intestinal worm tablet might have a deadly impact on the pet poo factory workers. The instructions say not to feed them for at least 24hours following a worming tablet but it didn't specify what worming tablet they were referring to. I shot off an email to Dr Harry, but have not had a response to my question. So I guess I am running my own experiment, which I can report back on here. Has anyone had any experience with this already, I would love to hear from you.

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