19 September, 2006

anniversary of sorts

although I can't pinpoint exactly the year B and I first met, today is 10 years from when we struck up the friendship that led to us becoming boyfriend and girlfriend, and later be married. We felt this was a significant milestone and considered recreating that momentous occassion, complete with B cooking a baked dinner, me arriving with our mutual friend A, and a bottle of red wine for me to knock over....... but given it was a work/school night and that we'd had a baked dinner on Sunday, we took in a movie instead. I was spoilt with a movie of my choice and what a great night, Unfolding Florence was fantastic, such an interesting, amazing, and inspirational woman. I am so into all things Broadhurst at the moment.

And because B is a bit of a romantic I also got spoilt with Floral Fruit which B had delivered to work and that we indulged on when we got home this evening. Appetising Apple, with chocolate covered strawberries and apple, grapes, pineapple and rockmelon, a perfect treat.

Here's to another 10 years...

I am so very lucky to have a partner who is my advisor (vocational, fashion and life coach), thank you for being so supportive of me, tolerant of my moods, and just plain fun.

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