29 November, 2007

Vale: Wally

Just before going 'across the pond' to New Zealand, I was asked to (try) and get a family photo, as the 'next sister in law down's' dog Wally was quite ill, gravely ill in fact.

This was the last photo I took of about 50 shots. On our second day (of 14) in New Zealand, the next sister in law down called to say that they had lost little Wally. Arrangements were made before we left for him to be buried with all of the other pets at the family home, but instead, he is buried at thier place, under her bedroom window...

Paddy, holding crazy baby Buttons, Camille, holing little Riley and poor old Wally on the floor.

Wally and HIS family

*The mystery item from this post, was named 'Wally ...' in his honour, and will be posted about soon...

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