02 November, 2007

Screen doors installation

Screen doors installation

These are the screen doors that we have been (slowly) installing over the last 6-7 months. They will be finished soon, they are hanging minus the screens which may not be installed until after we get back from 2 weeks in New Zealand, 2 weeks at home and then a week in Bali for work!!

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  1. Thanks for your visit Bernie...I actually had the name if the second plant spelled wrong...lol...It is Dasylirion....I am not familiar with the "black boy" , though I am familiar with the Xantheris group of plants in a vague way....

    That close up of the Succulent is indeed an Echevaria...I rarely know the second names of plants---and as you know there are so many...This particular Echiveria is so beautiful in the colors and the textures, too....! All these plants are endlessly interesting to me...So sculptural and so varied, too.


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