20 December, 2007

Bali Botanic Gardens

I know that I have been neglecting this blog for a little bit now, but I have spent two weeks in New Zealand and a week in Bali!!!
Here is a couple of shots from the Bali Botanic Gardens!

Drops on Lilly Pad

Water Lilly


  1. Wow-these are stunning photos- what beautiful photography- sounds like a wonderful holiday!

    Merry Christmas blessings,
    kari & kijsa

  2. Those photos are fantastic! I really need to learn to take great photos. Bali - wow! In my wishes only.

  3. Beautiful pics...I love the detail:)

  4. Wow - great photo's. I hope I can take photo's like that as well one day.

  5. Amazing shots! I love it all.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. i just love macro shots and these are fabulous! :)
    thanks for the visit!
    Happy 2008 to you and to your family!

  7. As usual Bernie, you blow me away, gorgeous, stunning, beautiful. Happy WW!

  8. Wow, those are both wonderful pictures. My favorite is the first one though. Great Job!

    Happy WW :-)

  9. Just wandered over from David's place to read your recommended post. I love the photos, they bring back memories of my visit to Bali some years ago. :)

  10. Hi - over from David's blog and you are giving him a run for his money! They are AWESOME shots!

    Wonderful definition. Wow.


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