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26 September, 2011


Every now and then, we have to have a good hard look at ourselves, and think, am I OK? Well, over the last week (and a bit), I HAVE done this, and I am taking steps to fix things... Re-invent myself if you like!

Aalborg Sunset 11-25pm.jpg

There are more subtle changes, if you like, but I have also made a monumental step forward as well - or at least I think anyway! This was hard to do, but even so, harder to maintain! But its done now, and there is no going back. I will however, make a small purchase for a 'replacement' for another spot, as I do feel kinda naked without it, but I am sure that this will pass!

I am also having a new outlook on things, and last night/this morning, I have made steps to rid myself of negativity and hurt. This was in the way of an SMS, and I feel good about my decision!

So, where to from here...? Onwards and upwards is all I can do or say! I have made mistakes in the past, and whilst I can't turn back time (sing darl, just like Cher) I acknowledge that I've made them... BUT, I certainly have a new direction in where I want to go and what I want to achieve!

NOW, its all about re-connecting, I have a lot of blogs to catch up on (these will be done over this next week as I am just about finished setting up my RSS feeds again on new laptop), people to see and old acquaintances to find. It's going to be a great journey!

Hoo roo for now...


30 September, 2010

Contemplating things...

This is the chair that 'L' spent a lot of time in before she died last year. You see, it went into use when sewing, x-stitching and general craftiness. However, it is now tending to sit by the bookcase, waiting for another use as in this house it is all about the 'R' principle, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle. So, what am I using it for now? Well apart from it sitting right there next to my turf journals from the International Turf Society, I am tending to use it to sit in, contemplate life whilst sitting in it when on the laptop as it is a little more comfy than lying to a side on the couch!

Contemplation Chair

That bottom shelf though, is full of cookbooks, craft books/magazines, cause she was a bit of a crafty person our L, and there is also her Fenton collection (well, some of it!).

This last week I have also been somewhat ill, constant migraines and so on. I went for tests to see why, and most of all, everything is good. WITH exception to my chronic hayfever. Yes, as a Grenkeeper and an Agronomist, I have allergies to pollens and (of all things) GRASSES! So I have been told to stay as clear as I can from my allergens (yeah right, I work at a Garden!!) and I am also on some fairly high steroids for respiratory aid. So hopefully, I will be able to breath, sleep and more importantly live a little more comfortably!

Oh, and before I forget, as I was backing up my phone (and don't ask me HOW I did it, it just HAPPENED), I have managed to wipe ALL of my contacts this morning; some dating back to old school friends... So please send me your details so as I can rebuild my address/contacts!

Hoo roo for now...


09 September, 2010

Bloody TOE!!!

I have been this last week, somewhat stationary.... You see, last week, during the wee hours of the morning, I needed to get a drink so I walked down the hallway to the kitchen. I 'normally' walk with my right hand running along the wall so as I know WHEN I get to where the little step is. This time though, I did not and I was very quickly woken up (in severe PAIN) with me kicking the step, whilst my toe dragged down the small step nearly ripping my nail off at the nail bed! Here's the hallway and then the step:

Hall to step
The Step

On Tuesday I had an appointment with the Podiatrist, as the GP could only do so much, and he had clipped it so as it wasn't pulling the nail if I was to wear socks or on the bedsheets at night. So the Podiatrist's first comment, said "man, that looks real angry, and obviously an infection had set in given the offensive smell"! Geez mate, thanks!!! So he cleaned it up, put a little tourniquet on my toe to stop the bleeding (yeah right) and gave me a local on the toe. A couple of minutes later after it started to work, he stared to poke around with most of the toe now numb! Out came the HUGE (well I thought so) clipper things and digging away to get to the root of the nail. WELL, I just about hit the roof, and when he clipped, blood was gushing everywhere, it even caught him unaware!!! Now I fairly OK with blood and guts and can watch surgery on RPA, but my GOD, I burped and next thing I knew I was projectile vomiting all over the floor just missing him! I don't know who was more shocked, me or him!! Procedure all done, I had to sit outside for a little bit whilst he cleaned up... Then he got his own back, by giving me the bill!!!

So with being somewhat unable to walk a great deal or drive as much as well, I have been sitting contemplating a lot of things to do with my future... I still don't know what I am going to do, but I am considering a lot of options...

So here it today, I can walk a little to a lot better, with a couple of stitches in my toe, and I had a look around the garden. There is a lot in flower at the moment, but the orange Clivia Spp are looking good, and I have my white/soft yellow budding up as well which I will get a photo of when it flowers.

Clivia Spp

And before I go, here is the little miss Jasmine, quite comfortable in the vege patch (which is getting ready to plant out):

Jasmine Vege Patch

Hoo roo for now...


14 May, 2009

Ness Botanic Gardens

Tuesday, Aunty Pat took me across the Wirral to the Ness Botanic Gardens. It is in a very quaint parcel of land across the River Mersey. We got there, by way of missed connections and waiting, but that was OK as the day was lovely and warm...

Upon arrival, I was delighted by the lovely entrance:

Ness Botanic Gardens

Due to our day of missed connections, we were a little peckish, and had lunch in the little Cafe before heading out into the Gardens. I came across a little 'lookout' and the view was grand:

Ness Botanic Gardens

Upon rounding the corner to get to the lower level of the Garden, there was an embankment of (mainly) blue Blue Bells, with the odd white one thrown in as well:

Ness Botanic Gardens Blue Bells

Just a short distance on, there was a great maze mown into the grass as well:

Ness Botanic Gardens Lawn Maze

A short distance away was an amazing Yellow Arbour, and this amazingly blue flower:

Ness Botanic Gardens Arbour

Ness Botanic Gardens Blue Flower

Continuing along the way, we came across a 'Monet' styled bridge and a tricky little carving:

Ness Botanic Gardens Monet Bridge

Ness Botanic Gardens Woodwork


12 May, 2009

I'm here!!!...

After the 14.5 hour flight to Dubai on Emirates A380, I arrived quite refreshed actually! I had a bit of sleep along the way (enough time to get some anyway, right?). I had what I thought to be a fair bit of time to have another look around this wonderful place... WRONG!
I was at the furthest most end of the terminal (to where I needed to be) when I heard my flight had started boarding... I then had to rush through what I was doing (looking for an IPod Touch for my nephew who had just started working and saving...) and walk briskly (running) to the gate, only to find that yes, they had started boarding, but it was only to a holding area where we then waited for another 20-30 minutes!
Once on board, I was nicely settled into my seat, chatted briefly to the lady in the aisle seat, that we were fortunate enough to have the centre one free... But the a local gentleman (loosely named) boarded and started to move everyone else's luggage to accommodate his... We then taxied to the active runway and departed... After about 20 mins the seat belt sign went off and his seat came back. I asked him nicely, if he could just raise it a little as I could not even see the TV screen... A small argument happened, and result was that I would be moved! Up to Business class though!! The 'Trolley Dolley' (aka Hostess) told me later in the flight that they had another issue with him, but more so that the seat was faulty in its recline!
Anyways, I arrived at Manchester, caught the train across to Liverpool and settled down... We did a day trip today, and I will post all about it tomorrow, I'm exhausted!

14 April, 2009

How was your Easter???

Well, we hope that you all have had a great Easter. Although we had a busy one, L is still rather sick at the moment... Easter was a great time to meet up with old friends, new friends and family!

We had the Easter lunch over at the MIL's, Roast Pork, Roast Lamb, Potatoes & Veges... And lets not forget about the deserts! There was so much food it was great!

The next sister down, C, is due to have her second baby in a couple of weeks. She went to have an ultrasound, and was in such pain (overfull bladder) that she had to go a 'release' a little! It actually showed then, that this little fella is actually due in a matter of weeks, a couple less than expected!

The last sister down, O, is about 20 weeks pregnant now. She spent Easter with her husbands family, so we missed out on seeing Rosie. But, Riley more than made up for the 'toddlers' in the room!

Our dear friends, B&K, are expecting their little bundle of joy soon as well! They had a 'baby shower' for the little one, and whilst the girls had tea and cakes inside, the boys also were there for drinks and nibbles outside. K was looking well. Good luck you guys, not long now!

We have been doing a lot of nothing over the last couple of weeks. We have even caught up on everything the TiVo had recorded for us! This was no mean feat, as it was deleting some as it had reached capacity! I installed the software on our laptop so as I can bring shows across from the Tivo to watch later. I still need to get the link across to the xBox so as we can store them there and remove it from the laptop! They are taking a lot of space!

The Royal Easter Show is in town again, and we went on Thursday as a 'pick me up', and again on Saturday. Although, on Saturday we were only there for about 2 hours really! We sat in the Members stand, watched the Show Jumping and L was really not feeling well at all so we left. I got her to wait at the entrance whilst I went and got the car, she could barely walk... We got home, and L went to bed and rested up.

We lost our lemon tree this last summer as well. I think it was from an invasion of the Bronze Orange bug. It had a bout of them last year, followed by another season of them this year. I did spray the tree for them, but unfortunately, it was a little late... We now have to look for a replacement one and to go with the Blood Orange, Lemonade, Chocolate Sapote and Lychee trees. Not to mention the vege patch, which has a pumpkin growing and in Bunnings yesterday, I got two Kale for L, she loves it in a stir-fry.


24 March, 2009

Some news...

Ok, some people may know already, whilst others may not why there has been limited to NO blogging here. Sorry about this, but we will know more come 6 April. until then, you will just have to wait I'm afraid...

However, having said that, I am going to undertake a 'get fit' campaign starting 1 April. NO, this is NOT going to be an April Fools joke... Since I had my accident way back in 2001, I have become somewhat of a couch potato and have an extra couple of kilos I need to loose. Ok, there is more than a couple already!!! This has probably become worse after having spinal surgery in 2005. Since then, I have been on various medications for pain management of which I think is now, somewhat under control.

I am going to make it my mission to not only loose these extra kilo's, but to return to a fitness level I once use to enjoy! I will start walking a little in the morning before going to work. Cycle when I get home from work, and of course have a spa to cool down afterwards! I may not get back to when I was doing Gymnastics & Trampoline, but to be back into a pant/shirt a couple of sizes down is something to aim for!

In other happenings, my trip to Doha fell through at the last hurdle. I was to have been going there for work, but due to the recent economic downturn, they have decided not to recruit anymore. The position is going to be absolved into the rest of the structure that is in place instead! It would have been a fantastic opportunity, but in reality, I am happy to be staying home now. So is L!

I am looking at travelling to Santiago in July. This is for a work related conference, so I am planning for it now. The fares have gone ridiculously cheap in the last 4-5 months as I had originally looked at fares of around $2500. It is now as cheap as $1200 flying Qantas via Buenos Aires! I must fix some firm dates in NOW!!! :)


22 February, 2009

Souk's & delays, but I'm home!

Apologies for the long post...

After a day of meetings, and inspections of sites across Doha, I returned to my hotel (Royal Qatar Hotel) for a 'freshen up' before leaving later that evening (early following morning actually...)! Here is a couple more 'sights' of Doha:

Coliseum Construction Rear

Doha's Funny Buildings

So, after a shower and ensuring that the bag is packed for the return flights, I decided to head down to both the Gold Souk & General Souk which were nearby. The Gold souk, market, had a lot of stuff, cheap, but too much to look at. I had mentally picked a few items to bring home, but wanted to visit the General Souk first. I am glad I did:

Souk Storefronts

Souk Cafe

Souk Donkey Rides

I then gathered my purchases, repacked, went to the restaurant for a bite to eat, another shower and watched a bit of local TV. What was funny was, there was either a Pakistani or Indian version of Judge Judy! It was so funny, couldn't understand a word of it, but just the mannerisms and the vocal tones just did my head in!

I then had a call from reception to say that my car was ready to take me to the airport...

Royal Qatar Hotel

When I arrived, the check-in for Emirates was still to open, so I perched on a 'seat' and waited... Check-in finally opened and my bag was on its way home. With nothing else to do, I went through Immigration and entered the Doha Duty Free area:

Doha Int Duty Free

After a small walk around looking for any bargains, I found my way to my departure gate (12.45am) and waited, tried to get a nap to no avail...). It was soon time for boarding and the departure area was filling up. All of a sudden, an announcement was made that there was going to be a delay. New departure time was now 6.45am! Now, a quick estimate of times showed me that we would make Dubai at a local time of 8.45am, leaving one hour to transit, short but do-able. 6.45am came and went and many people (including myself) were at the gate agent wanting updates and information about departure times and connections. Depending on WHO you talked to, you got a different answer. And even the same guy was giving different answers to the same people (he could not even remember the same lie he had already told!). Eventually, at 8.45am, we were called for boarding and to board the bus to the remote stand that our plane was at. From memory, I was now some 32 hours without sleep, and the bus took 30 minutes to get to the stand! We boarded, and departed quickly indeed. A very quick meal service was had and we were soon on approach into Dubai.

Upon arrival, guess what, another remote stand followed by another 20 minute bus ride to the transfer station. We were all taken into a transit hall and told to take a seat and all information would be relayed as to what process would follow. Refreshments (bottled water, Chocolate Muffins and Orange Juice were on the table. I finally got processed, and instead of returning via Bangkok, it would now be the direct flight, again on the new A380. A hotel (including ALL meals) had been arranged, and we were transferred. Shower, lunch and a much needed rest was in order. I slept through an alarm I had set for the Dubai evening bus tour!

After a GREAT nights sleep, it was time to meet my friends (from Doha delays) in the hotels lobby for the bus to the airport.

Dubai Int Arrivals

This is SUCH a grand entrance (typical Emirates style...). Check-in was effortless even though I had been told I already had a bag checked. I reminded him of my days events prior, and he said it was all good and I could go. My new found friends though were not having quite as much luck, as Emirates had not processed the booking rebook as thought. After a couple of eye-rolls from the check-in agent, a request for the Supervisor (and me mentioning that they look at the PNR they might just see a case history of the problems) all was now sorted and it was time to venture through to Immigration.

Dubai Check-in Hall

I did my Duty Free shopping, and went to my departure gate 230, (YES, that's two hundred and thirty!). This is SUCH an amazing new terminal:

Gate 230 Glass Roof

The new A380 has some really special features, like the tail camera and the flight information system:

A6-EDB Screen (DXB)

DXB-SYD In-flight

And is there anything better than arriving back home, to your own city, especially when this is your arrival view:

Sydney Arrival


17 February, 2009

Doha: - A picture essay...

More from Doha, pics only and I will update with some dialogue soon, ok?
Shopping 'Villagio' style:

Villagio Shopping Centre

Villagio Shopping Centre Canal

Villagio Shopping Centre Canal

Villagio Ice Rink

Then there is the 'Cultural Centre', which is still under construction. This will be an amazing site, when finished...

Cultural Village Trees

Cultural Village Landscaping

Cultural Village Construction

And I LOVE this tile work:

Cultural Village Tiles


16 February, 2009

Welcome to Doha, Qatar

Ok, so a lot has happened over the last couple of days... Last Friday, I was sent a confirmation of flights for a meeting I was to have in Doha, leaving SATURDAY! That's right, 24 hours notice to fly half way around the world...
Emirates have an amazing product for their new A380. Here is me in the first class suite and a picture of the First class shower that is onboard:
A6-EDD First Class Suite

A6-EDD First Class Suite Top

A6-EDD First Class Shower
Once I got to Dubai, 14.25 hours direct, it was amazing. It is just like a huge shopping mall! I was told today, that it turns over $1M USD a day, and after seeing it, I would believe it as well!

Dubai Terminal Shopping Mall

Dubai Car Promotion

Dubai Terminal 3 Garden

Depart DXB for DOH Haze
I finally arrived in Doha 8.35am local, some 17 odd hours after leaving Sydney. I had about 6 hours sleep (broken mind you...) on the flight and was not feeling too bad at all. There was a slight mix up regarding the hotel, which was a shame as the original one looked great, but the one I am in now, will do just fine. I had a quick shower and prepared for my first meeting after have a Tour of some of the facilities nearby:

Welcome to Doha Qatar

Royal Qatar Suite

Aspire Zone & Tower

Aspire Tower

Kahfila Stadium
So, this is a quick summary, as I have had a sleep but my body is still in Sydney time, instead of Doha time 2.32am!