29 April, 2008

Our 'New' bathroom...

Well, after such a long time, we now have two fully functional bathrooms... Remember this?

Bathroom Reno: - before
Well, we now have this:

Finished Bathroom 18-04-2008

All we did, was having the tiles 'Repaired & Painted' thanks to Bathroomwerx, they also re-enameled the bath, and a new screen for the shower that replaced the curtain. We also added in a new end glass screen as well, as the old brown one looked... well... UGLY! Both of these came from the RenovationBoys.

We were also the lucky recipients of a Council Clean Up (Kerbside Garage Sale; take it if you want it before it gets collected as rubbish) Vanity. After replacing the bowl and giving it a paint, it also came up a treat!

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