31 July, 2008

Non Operational Internet, Moving Mother and a Family RANT...

Yesterday, our ISP had a bit of a 'meltdown'... From the time we got home after L's appointment, we had nothing but 'Unable to connect'! This was sooooo frustrating, as there was so much to tell!
But I will leave that for another post or L will tell you over at her blog.
BUT, now, things have returned to normal (ISP) and we are back on air. But today, I am home sick with the flu, which L is in the final stages of and given it to me (nothing like her caring sharing attitude, hey?). Even though today here in Sydney, it is a lovely morning, ice on the windscreen of the car, a small amount of frost on the grass, it is actually turned out to be quite a nice warm day of 16 degrees. Lovely weather for a rest and relaxation don't you think!
My mum is moving house today, and even though I had wanted to go out and assist, as I do not think I can muster the energy. She does have a removalist after all, and she completely understands how we are placed at the moment (IVF) and can not help anyway! My brother is out there, as with my nephew from my (apparent) sister. I say apparent, as we had a falling out just after we bought our house three years ago. We have not spoken since, well I have to her, but unless mum has been there, there is never a reply, so I no longer bother with it all really. I don't know why she is still carrying on after all this time! Anyways, end of rant... She has to have everything out of the house by 2.30pm BUT she can not move into her new house until AFTER 2.30pm. It is called a simultaneous settlement. I am glad that when we moved, we still had the old house that we could take some time to move things across, much easier!. So, with only 2 hours to go, and the removalists in, good luck mum!

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