07 August, 2008

Thematic Photographic: Patterns

Ok, so here we go again with Carmi's (WrittenInc) 'Thematic Photographic.

Everyday, I come to work and have to endure some amazing sights. If not Sydney Harbour, the Harbour Bridge, Opera House etc... but that of WHERE I actually work. It really is an amazing site with lots of really cool things all happening at different times throughout the year.

So, here are a few shots of this weeks theme of 'Patterns'. The pattern being replicated throughout the shots, is an arch. In the 'Greenbow', you can see how the flower stem from the giant Agave is arching under the weight of its stem.


In this shot, the soft arching lines of the lawn under the Ficus Tree is there to somewhat protect this old girls root lines. It is also a different species of turf to that of the main species that does not require as frequent mowing, and is also shade tolerant.

Tree of Light

And finally, in this shot, you will notice that the fungi have a somewhat phallic appearance about them, however, they still have a very arch appearance about them as well.

Fungi Sydney

So, don't forget to go over and see Carmi (WrittenInc), comment there (and here as well) just to share the comment cheer and to see some wonderful interpretations of 'Patterns'!

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