24 March, 2009

Some news...

Ok, some people may know already, whilst others may not why there has been limited to NO blogging here. Sorry about this, but we will know more come 6 April. until then, you will just have to wait I'm afraid...

However, having said that, I am going to undertake a 'get fit' campaign starting 1 April. NO, this is NOT going to be an April Fools joke... Since I had my accident way back in 2001, I have become somewhat of a couch potato and have an extra couple of kilos I need to loose. Ok, there is more than a couple already!!! This has probably become worse after having spinal surgery in 2005. Since then, I have been on various medications for pain management of which I think is now, somewhat under control.

I am going to make it my mission to not only loose these extra kilo's, but to return to a fitness level I once use to enjoy! I will start walking a little in the morning before going to work. Cycle when I get home from work, and of course have a spa to cool down afterwards! I may not get back to when I was doing Gymnastics & Trampoline, but to be back into a pant/shirt a couple of sizes down is something to aim for!

In other happenings, my trip to Doha fell through at the last hurdle. I was to have been going there for work, but due to the recent economic downturn, they have decided not to recruit anymore. The position is going to be absolved into the rest of the structure that is in place instead! It would have been a fantastic opportunity, but in reality, I am happy to be staying home now. So is L!

I am looking at travelling to Santiago in July. This is for a work related conference, so I am planning for it now. The fares have gone ridiculously cheap in the last 4-5 months as I had originally looked at fares of around $2500. It is now as cheap as $1200 flying Qantas via Buenos Aires! I must fix some firm dates in NOW!!! :)


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