29 June, 2009

A few visits...

On Saturday, I was on my way into Darling Harbour to a trade show for photographers and the like (seen many times in adds on TV, heard on the radio, so it had to be good...) and I was glad that I registered and got free entry! I called into A&S on the way to see if they wanted to come along as well. After a couple of hours (A had a 'hang-over') of hanging with the kids, and lunch, we headed in. NOT to mention, I decided to do this rather than attend to the forgotten garden, as rain was forecast. TIP: NEVER rely on the weather forecasters, it didn't rain!

Sunday, I went to the Cemetery to visit L. Nothing much has changed there, it is still a very peaceful location and all you can hear is the creek running a mere couple of meters away... The wording for her plaque is finished, all I have to do is send it to them to have it cast and installed. We have also decided in placing a photo of her as well. This will take some 6-8 weeks as it has to go to Italy to get done!

Today, I went and visited my friend, F, and her daughter in hospital. Poor little 2yo T is in as they try to clear a blockage... She has been in a fair bit of pain, understandably, for a while, and it was picked up in a sleep study done a few months ago. She was blocked up all the way through her bowel, colon and through her intestines! Any wonder she was in pain! They were admitted LAST Monday, with a 'probable discharge by Thursday. Well, now it is 'hopefully tomorrow', but lets wait and see...

SO, tomorrow WILL be a day of catching up on the garden, at least, I hope so!



  1. I hope it gives you comfort to go and visit her grave. I will someday tell you about what happened with Katie and at first you will be angry, but then perhaps be able to shake your head as I did.
    We are getting all your rain. It's just dreadful, and this is our summer! Cool too, as very humid!

  2. I hope your friend's daughter is doing much better, she must have been in a LOT of pain! It's so hard at that age when they can't just tell you what is going on. Hopefully it was just regular constipation, not anything more serious that got the whole problem started!


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