25 July, 2009

Cerro Santa Lucia & Parque Forestal

This morning, after another great breakfast, I headed to a couple of the sites I saw on the 'Turistik' bus tour yesterday... It would be easy enough to do, yeah, right?

Well, I am happy to report it was... A small walk to the Metro station (and I am now all for the Sydney Metro...) and a metro train trip to Santa Lucia, where my first stop of the day, Cerro Santa Lucia, or simply put, The Garden on the Hill. It was very much a hill, and a steep one at that! It was a maze of terraces, some were cobble stones, and others were simple crushed granit type. Atop of the hill is a Castle like structure with battlements, lookouts and canons... A place for kids to play and act like the Knights of olde.

One thing also I have noted in Santiago, is the amount of dogs that are roaming around. Certainly not fle ridden rat bags like in other countries like Blai & Phuket etc, but they actually look healthy. I did see a pack of them, outside a butchers, and a couple already chowing down on what appeared to be a healthy sized shank! Well, around the Cerro Garden, it was the same, with a couple of dogs (and even a cat) either happliy walking around or sleeping in the sun.

After getting my breath and legs back (about an hour I think having a cool drink), I caught the Metro again to Baquedano and headed for the Parque Forestal. This is an amazing park, with wandering pathways of crushed granit (or similar), and beautiful trees either within the paths, or within the turf areas. Whilst almost all of them had dropped their leaves due to winter, I can only imagine what they would look like in the Summer and even in the Autumn!

So here are some photos, this time in a mosaic (easier to see right?) so click on a link to see the full sized photo!

Chile Day 3, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.
1. Plaza Da Armas Dancers, 2. Parque Forestal 4, 3. Parque Forestal Bridge, 4. Parque Forestal 3, 5. Parque Forestal 2, 6. Parque Forestal Plant Signage, 7. Parque Forestal 1, 8. Parque Forestal Statue, 9. Parque Forestal, 10. Graffeti, 11. Santiago Skyline 2, 12. Santiago Skyline, 13. Santiago Skyline 1, 14. Cerro Santa Lucia Statue, 15. Cerro Santa Lucia Chapel, 16. Cerro Santa Lucia Canon, 17. Cerro Santa Lucia Terrace Garden, 18. Cerro Santa Lucia Lookout Entrance, 19. Cerro Santa Lucia Seat, 20. Cerro Santa Lucia Lookout, 21. Cerro Santa Lucia Urn, 22. Cerro Santa Lucia Vista, 23. Cerro Santa Lucia Terrace Walkways, 24. Cerro Santa Lucia Palm, 25. Cerro Santa Lucia Shy Knight, 26. Cerro Santa Lucia Boy Statue, 27. Cerro Santa Lucia Girl Statue, 28. Cerro Santa Lucia Tiles, 29. Cerro Santa Lucia, 30. Water Garden Created with fd's Flickr Toys


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