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12 September, 2013

Flying away to another land, far far away...

Well, come Sunday, I will be leaving on my trip…. And WHAT a trip it will be… I still have a few things left to do though!! I have a house sitter, so the house will be occupied whilst I am away and the 'fur-kids' will be well looked after… But, where AM I going I hear you ask?? EVERYWHERE!!!

Flight List & Hotels
Flight List & Hotels
Miles to be flown (GC Mapper)
Flight Miles
ETS Trip map

I have a conference to go in Monte Carlo, about the middle of the trip, and I have meetings along the way in Europe mainly… I have also set up a meeting in Brazil! BUT, one spot I am REALLY looking forward to, is the visit to St Maarten in the Dutch Antilles. It is like the 'Mecca' for 'spotters' to go to, and I am really looking forward to it!! NOW, I am getting there from a different routing than everything else I have seen; most arrive from Paris or Amsterdam (AF/KLM) or from Miami (any of the major carriers). Where as, I am routing in from SaĆ² Paulo Brazil!!

Anyway, its ALL booked now, and I am ready to go… All I have to do now is pack!! haha

Earlier in the week, I was wanting to do some more 'macro' photography, some close-ups. The old Passionfruit is in flower again, so I grabbed a shot of a flower on it…

Passiflora "Ned Kelly"
Passiflora spp

Hoo roo for now...


26 August, 2013

A New 'Dawn' begins...

Ok, I have not 'disappeared' nor have I fallen off the planet, I have just been busy and also not particularly in the 'mood' or 'zone' for blogging… As you may know, there has been an 'air' of uncertainty at work, well that 'air' has now gone, and I am now, as of TODAY, unemployed! The environment at work was such that I am now, happy to be OUT of it! I had asked a management person for a 'personal' reference, and gave him a dozen or so point to form one up. I also said that I felt 'uncomfortable' and it was 'inappropriate' for me to wrote my own for his signature! His reply not only left ME, but also another manager, gobsmacked, as he STILL wanted me to form the 'personal' reference for him to then 'personalise'! Can someone please tell me how this is a personal reference?? BUT, this is how he rolls, and I am happy to be free from him and the environment to which it has become, as the 'heart and soul' has not only gone from what once was a great place to work, but its been ripped out from within! So, now, its onwards and upwards from here...

So, whats been happening? I have been busy with photography, I have a news lens, and I am about to head overseas for a conference; and I will be heading to the 'spotters mecca, St Maarten in the Dutch Antilles! My car purchase is on hold, in fact, my current car is in for a service now!! I am off to Melbourne on Thursday for the opening of a friends exhibition as well, so busy days ahead before I leave in three weeks!

Hoo roo for now...


08 March, 2013

Friday Fill-Ins - And day ONE in Hong Kong

Friday Fill-Ins

  1.  Life is SO cruel at times... This last week, I heard of a friends battle with cancer, whilst cancer took a mate from school.
  2. A cold wind will soon blow, and cast a little spell. Causing all of the leaves to turn, and make them look unwell, and then a little few will fall, whilst others rather fell. (not quite a rhym, but close...)
  3. I knew it was love when I first saw her, poor sweet Bronty.
  4. When in Hong Kong last week, it lacked sunshine and blue skies.
  5. A little nap is wonderful in the late afternoon, especially when soaking up the autumnal sunshine!
  6. Steak and Chicken, as is Lamb, are my favorite things to eat for dinner.
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to editing MORE photos from the trip away, tomorrow my plans include removing the Lavender Hedge out the front, and tidying the front garden and Sunday, I want to have a relaxing birthday, as my in-laws are throwing me a BBQ for lunch!

As you know from Wednesdays Post, I have recently been to Hong Kong. In the first couple of days, we did a few 'tourist' type stuff, whilst on the Saturday, it was a day at the Horse Races at Sha Tin; I will post about that tomorrow (I promise) when I have edited those photos tonight!
After arriving late in the afternoon on Thursday, we caught up with my mate there, and we went to dinner that night; a Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui. Dinner was great, we had a few beers, and then retired for the night quite late.
The following morning though, we had decided to go up to "The Peak", even though it was quite hazy! We walked to the Ferry terminal and caught the Star Ferry across to Hong Kong Island. But, this time, instead of catching the tram up, we caught the bus, which took about 40 minutes or so, but it is actually well worth it (not to mention, it saves time waiting for the tram)! On a clear day, it would be much better, as it winds its way around the suburbs of Central Hong Kong, past Happy Valley Racecourse. We saw the 'Ding Ding's', a Double Decker tram, road workers working 'hard', and some pretty amazing architecture.

Star Ferry Crossing Victoria Harbour
Road Works
  When we arrived at the top, yep, not much to see, but I still had fun anyways, so we went and had something to eat at Bubba Gumps! Food was ok, just, but it hit the spot.

The Peak

There's Hong Kong (I think)

We then made our way to catch the tram down, which is an experience in itself, as it is steep, and in reverse! We then headed back to the Star Ferry for the trip across the harbour, and then onto some camera lens shopping. A busy day in the end!!

Descending The Peak
Hoo roo for now...

06 March, 2013

Wordless Wednesday No. 74 - A Hong Kong Sunrise

Hong Kong Sunrise
"Sunrise over Victoria Harbour"
Hong Kong Sunrise
"Sunrise over Victoria Harbour"

I've just returned from a hectic short trip, down to Melbourne and then onto Hong Kong. The weather, typically, in Melbourne went from clear blue sky's and sunny warm conditions, to that of pouring rain and cold, yet in Hong Kong, it was typically hazy. However, on our last day, we woke to the most stunning sunrise coming in over Victoria Harbour!

I will post some more photos tomorrow, mainly some aviation though, of the trip to the Avalon Airshow!

Hoo roo for now...


19 February, 2013

Feeling a little 'overwhelmed'...

Beach Soccer (Jimbaran)
Beach Soccer (Jimbaran) - 2007

Have not 'really' been in the 'mood' for posting this last couple of weeks, as there is a lot going on; work, will I have a job and so on... It seems as though for one reason or another, deleting positions is an easy thing to do. So I have been researching all available options to me, having LOTS of meetings with other staff, and searching out opportunities. At the end of the day, I DO think I will be ok, what ever way it pans out...

Having said that, I also feel like picking up my ball, and going home, which is why I have picked the photo above of the beach soccer game, on Jimbaran Beach Bali.

In other news, a short trip to both Melbourne and Hong Kong is on the horizon, which will be a good distraction at the same time! I will get to catch up with friends and colleagues in both cities! In particular, an old school friend of mine, who moved from Sydney to London and is now settled in Hong Kong, it has been YEARS since I have seen him! I will also be having a meeting in Hong Kong, and a site inspection of the Sha Tin Racecourse!

Otherwise, not much else has been happening, just plodding along...

Hoo roo for now...


05 February, 2013

Wordless Wednesday No. 72. - Straight Lines at Night

Art Gal by night

Art Gallery of New South Wales

The other night, I was out with a mate and wanted to try something a little new, and different. We had supplies, we had a location and we had the time... But, alas, we did not have the skill, so it was a dismal failure (on this occasion...). However, I will try again soon enough, with the correct stuff!

Plans for a new car are also on hold, for now, so it will mean that the good ole Suzuki will keep on keeping on (as it always has). It just means that passengers in the back seat will have to make do with Bronty's nose art on the windows and a little dog hair on the seat! Oh well... Luckily, for her, she is still cute and adorable!

Plans are also well underway for an upcoming trip to Hong Kong, where I will make a visit to the Races to inspect it turf track. I know the Course Manager there, and this will be a great opportunity to catch up and have a chat about the turf research programs going on in Asia.

Hoo roo for now...


28 November, 2012

Wordless Wednesday No. 67 - Colours of Vietnam

Saigon SunsetIMG_6332.jpg
IMG_6340.jpgSaigon by nightHoi An Lanterns
Hoi An - LanternsSapa Waterfall
Sapa WaterfallHa Long Bay Sunset
Ha Long Bay - SunsetHanoi Street
Hanoi Street

Hoo roo for now...


19 November, 2012

Vietnam - Hanoi Day 2 & 3

Today was to be the catch-up 'Hanoi City Tour' that we moved due to a sickness earlier in the trip. We had breakfast, and got ready for the guide to meet us nice and early - 8am!

Our first point of call was the tomb of the late Mr Ho Chi Minh ('Uncle Ho' as he is known). We were told that we could NOT take in cameras or mobile phones, and happily packed everything up and left with our guide. There was also a 'tourist' entrance and a 'Vietnamese' entrance (which also had a priority, but still, NO phones/cameras! Anyway, we made our way through security, yes, bags x-rayed and walk through a metal detector - much the same as in any airport! Anyway, we joined the very long, snaking its way around corners, regular guards along the way. The asian (chinese I think) girl in front of us, pulls out her phone and started to take photos of the long line! Even the Japanese guys behind us saw this as an invitation and got theirs out!!! The girl in-front, even used it in front of a guard!!!We eventually made our way to the door of the tomb, where Uncle Ho was laid in state, and the guards were telling people to 'shhh'. M even got told to remove her hands from her pockets! There were four guards around Uncle Ho, each looking at the passing crowd, ensuring silence, and NO photos etc. The tomb is closed for a month every year, to allow him to be restored, our guard later told us that he never wanted to be on public view like this, yet the public wanted to view him! It was alomst sureal to see him, and I left with very mixed emotions to what I had just seen...

We then walked through the grounds, past his house and 'Stilt House' before coming out to the front of the Mausoleum.

Uncle Ho's MausoleumUncle Ho's Mausoleum - WideUncle Ho's House

As we were walking back to the bus, we passed by the bike parking area... All I could think of was, "now WHERE did I park my bike...?"

Where's my bike?

Next up, we stopped at the 'West Lake' Pagoda, quite a nice (large) lake... And not too bad of a Pagoda either!

West Lake PagodaM photgraphing the PagodaOfferings

Next stop, was the Museum of Literature, which was more of a University of sorts... We were somewhat lucky, as in a couple of days time it was the graduation day for students! And today, a lot of them were here giving thanks to the teachers (National Teacher Day) and were also praying for success in the Higher Examination coming...

Museum of LiteratureStudents Formal DressGod of LecturesStudents in GownsPosing

Our final (we dropped the 'shopping' tour of the 'Old Quarter' in Hanoi as we do that of an evening) destination for the day was the Museum of Ethnology. This was looking back at the history of the Vietnamese people, and the housing used by the minority people; primarily to the north. There was a lot of fascinating things to look at here, especially the differing styles of housing!

Water PuppetThere IS a bike underneath all of this!HousingBedLong BoatHousingStepsHousingHousingHousingHousing

We then headed back to the hotel to rest up, have dinner, and get some sleep...

The following day, was a mad-dash shop around the streets to grab a few last minnute bargains, before the flights back to Saigon and home. It will be good to get back home...

Hoo roo for now...