01 December, 2009

Rembered by an AWARD!

Mulberry Jas, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

After doing a bit of work around the house the other week, I forgot I had taken this photo, I had noticed that Jasmine had been 'helping' me somewhat... When I finally got to her, note when she was eating, I noticed that whilst she was now a LOT cleaner, she still had a red spot on her back. I thought that maybe she had been in a fight or something, but on closer examination, it was only Mulberry stain, phew!

Last week, we also went to the Importers Warehouse Sale (a traditional event of Christmas Shopping in the 'in-laws' family)! As I had nothing much on (like do I ever at the moment?) I thought I will go as well, it's got to be better than sitting around the house, right? Whilst there wasn't a lot of people there at first, and it was stinking rotten hot, it quickly got fuller as the day went on. And let me tell you, NEVER get in the way of a woman with a trolley when there's a SALE on!!!! I felt somewhat out of place, I think I could have counted the amount of men (inside) on my hands whilst out in the carpark, it was a different story!

Importers Warehouse Sale, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

And then this morning, I attended the 2009 LGSA Excellence in the Environment Awards. In 2003, 'L' (and her Council) won the Award and a Study Tour. We went to the UK, Denmark, and whilst I came home via Japan, she and her Manager went onto Canada and the USA. It was a great trip, and I learnt a lot!!!

So, the LGSA have, in conjunction with both Council and myself (and family), have created an award "that will acknowledge the contributions of committed individuals to the cause of sustainability, and thereby also remember her significant contribution and legacy".

Louise, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

I, and the family, are truely honoured and touched by this award in her name...


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  1. Glad you are back. Lovely to see a picture of Louise too! I know how you miss her, as do her friends.


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