07 December, 2009

A weekend catch-up

Man, have I been busy! Last week, really, was simply a bit of a blur... I thought I was going to get a new outdoor setting, but in the end (and thanks to the sales woman who wanted to force me into the sale) I have decided to leave it until the Boxing Day Sales instead!

But on Friday, I picked up Sam and William and we went looking at all sorts of 'stuff'! First stop was Harvey Norman to show them the outdoor lounge I was looking at, and then we went to another store for the runner up selection. It is clear that the Seychelles is the best!

After lunch we then headed up north to Dural, where I had visited an Advanced Tree Nursery the week before with 'The In-laws', as they are looking for a tree for the front yard. I now have a very clear decision as to a Christmas present for them, plus I will get some plants for home as well. Mainly a couple of Jacaranda's for the roadside. But, speaking of the front yard, here is how it is coming along. We are having L's birthday here on Friday, so I do want it to look good (and the back as well)!

Frontyard, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

In other news, my sister had surgery yesterday after dropping a knife into her left foot/ankle. At first, the doctors thought she may have severed a ligament or a tendon, so she underwent surgery to have a look. Fortunately for her, she had not and movement should return in her foot soon... Get well soon SIS!

And finally, here is Macc enjoying the front lawn... awwwww

Macc, originally uploaded by AussiePomm.

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