24 March, 2010


Well, after my 'day in the bush' this week, I am now paying for it BIG TIME!

I really didn't give it much thought at the time, but when I ended up on my butt after slipping into the boghole, by the time I got home that night, bathed, clothes soaking etc, I could barely open the bottle of milk. So, yesterday, I took myself off to the doctor, and was promptly sent for an X-RAY. Initial results were all ok, but (in the words of the doctor) "what would I know, I am JUST a doctor after all"... But I think it was a bit of a protest of the system than inadequacies! A follow up today show it to be deep soft tissue damage and to rest and pain killers! So rest I have done, sort of!

This morning, after baking for what seemed like minutes (thanks to Woolworth's Baking Dept) I had morning tea with my neighbours and one of the grandchildren! It was such a lovely morning chatting over coffee and cake/bikkies! They are looking after Macc and Jasmine whilst I am away. So instructions were outlined for them!

It is now just on a week until we leave... It can not come soon enough for me! I am so over being here at the moment. Maybe just with dates that are coming up, I don't know, but to be somewhere as far removed the better. I will, of course, miss being here on that day and to be with L at her grave, but we will be celebrating her life in Paris, and after all, I will be with family on the day! I am also planning my next trip, which could be within a couple of weeks of returning, and then at the end of the year! The 'devil is in the detail' at this stage, but if it all works out, I will be back in Europe in Late May/early June (dates being worked out by another party)! These FF points are being racked up at a rapid rate at the moment!

The car is still a filthy thing, but I am hoping it may rain... Maybe I should gaurantee it by actually washing it!? Maybe Friday...



  1. Glad it isn't broken. That's a relief. I know what you mean about the first anniversary. It was painful for me as well. Now, after nearly 25 years it hurts, but more of a dull ache.
    Here's hoping your Christmas includes "snow"?

  2. I hope you do what it takes to get well before your trip!


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