30 December, 2010

Christmas happenings...

Ok, I thought I would let you know how I spent Christmas...

I had some friends staying for Christmas and their two kids, B,S with Miss H (9) & Mr Z (4). They were great company to have over the festive season, I had a ball and I think they did too! It actually meant I put up the Christmas tree, which I did not do last year as I didn't really feel 'Christmassy'. Anyway, after going out looking at Christmas lights earlier in the week, I was really tired after a very late morning, followed by an early morning, so I only had like 3 hours sleep! So it was now Christmas morning...

I had woken to the sounds of little people TRYING hard to be quiet... I couldn't wait any longer as I just knew that they wanted presents! So I got out of bed and said morning greetings before we exchanged presents.

I then did a somewhat 'traditional' Aussiepomm Christmas breakfast of Fried Ham, Eggs, and diced tomato and Onions on toast; YUMM!

After breakfast, they went to their family (my extended family sort of) and I went out to mum's and then over to my sisters, approx 30-40 minute drive west. We had a drink and exchange of gifts, and afterwards, I dropped mum back at her place and headed on a 2hr drive north to L's parents. I stopped to visit L's grave quickly, as I was already running late! There was already a lot of family here, and after a small delay, we sat for Christmas lunch. Funnily enough, little people Mr & Miss 3 (R&R) didn't want to sit and eat, and they were in the family room awfully quiet, until in the silence, there was suddenly the noise of paper ripping! Miss R (3) had found one of her presents and opened it!!!

Anyway, after a long afternoon here, I then had to head 30 minute drive north west out to the extended family (sort of) to B's place for Christmas dinner, third meal of the day. I was now totally exhausted. Had an excellent time here with my dear friends, but I just so wanted to be home in bed.

So that was Christmas with the families... Tomorrow, I will post about the first decade in the 'naughties'!

Hoo roo for now...


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  1. That sounds like good clean children fun!
    Hoo-roo, right back atcha!~


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