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28 December, 2012

Christmas is done and dusted - but NYE is coming!

Well, the last few days have been an almost complete blurr!!! From Last monday, my last few days have been like this...

  • Saturday - the drive northwards to Newcastle didn't eventuate - due to time constraints, but I did get the Christmas shopping started!
  • Sunday - allowed me to complete it all, well, almost all of it... it was a 'chillaxe' sort of day!We also went to the 'Lights of Christmas' display at St Mary's Cathedral!
    St Mary's Cathedral - Lights of Christmas Display
    St Mary's Cathedral - Lights of Christmas
    St Mary's Cathedral - Lights of Christmas Display
    St Mary's Cathedral - Lights of Christmas Display
  • Monday - I had a flexday from work, which allowed me to do some last minute shopping... The day was HOT, and it also had a LOT of humidity! Which could only mean one thing... Afternoon storms! Alas, it was mainly west, and they went from Penrith to Richmond in the afternoon, and we didn't get any until the late evening...
  • Tuesday - Christmas Day, I drove west to mums, collected her and then went to the in-laws on the Nth Shore for lunch. It's always a good feed there, and the original plan was to have lunch outside. But the weather wasn't at all kind, with rain all day, heavy at times and some thunder thrown in for good measure!! I then drove back to Penrith, dropped mum off and headed for home to rest! It was late!
    Christmas Table
    Blue and Silver Themed
    Presents Time
    Presents Time
  • Wednesday - Boxing Day, I had a skype call to MB in the USA. It was a great call as they had their Christmas morning together with J, and the following day to MB's daughters place (M) and to have the first Christmas with their grand-daughter, SR! It was also the first day of the Boxing Day Test Match where Australia are playing Sri Lanka in the Cricket. Its the long game (for those in the USA and other countries not familiar with the game, it is over 5 days! The shorter game, 'One Day Internationals' is over 50 overs each and more recently, the 20/20 big bash is 20 overs each)! I also, in the evening, went to my mates place (also a B) where we had gifts exchanged and a Christmas Dinner!! Was great to see the kids there enjoying the toys, and 'The Shed' in its element, B had done SUCH a lot of work on it!!
  • Thursday - was a Public Sector holiday, which meant that I have the day off, and in the morning, I had another skype call to the USA, this time, to MB, who was at M's place, and I got to see and hear SR again!!! She's so cute! We chatted for about an hour, and we spoke of Australian marsupials, namely the Tasmanian Devil and how it 'growls' as SR had been growled at by MB, and she was in a laughing mood over that (not to sure if the Tassie Devil would scare her though!). Didn't really do much at all that day, apart from watching the cricket of course!!
  • Friday - today, I am back at work today, boo hoo, but there is a bit to do about the place, as we prepare for NYE!

So thats about it for me, for now, I will come back and edit the Friday Fill-Ins when they are ready to go!!

Hoo roo for now...


25 December, 2012

21 December, 2012

Friday Fill-Ins - A Christmas Edition

Friday Fill-Ins - A Christmas Edition

  1. Ahhhh - TODAY, is my last day at work for a WEEK!!!! I am lucky enough to have Christmas, Boxing Day and the 27th off work... Although I do have to come back in next Friday, I am also in Monday (NYE) for half a day...
  2. I have SLOWLY been preparing to go shopping for Christmas presents... Sure, I have done a little, but I still have SO MUCH to do still!
  3. Creating a perfect Christmas gift for someone, can be difficult at times... Not knowing if they would like it, need it... I really have no idea at times!
  4. SO looking forward to a few days of relaxation over the Christmas period.
  5. Kick start to Christmas will be a few days of madness shopping, then a relaxing evening catching up with some friends on Christmas eve for a drink or two.
  6. The Mayan end of the world isn't happening, and thank goodness, what would have happened to Christmas!!??.
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to catching up with some friends before heading to dinner of fish 'n' chips, tomorrow my plans include a drive north to Newcastle area (instead of going to the Carols in the Domain and Sunday, I want to finish my Christmas shopping!

Hoo roo for now...


30 December, 2010

Christmas happenings...

Ok, I thought I would let you know how I spent Christmas...

I had some friends staying for Christmas and their two kids, B,S with Miss H (9) & Mr Z (4). They were great company to have over the festive season, I had a ball and I think they did too! It actually meant I put up the Christmas tree, which I did not do last year as I didn't really feel 'Christmassy'. Anyway, after going out looking at Christmas lights earlier in the week, I was really tired after a very late morning, followed by an early morning, so I only had like 3 hours sleep! So it was now Christmas morning...

I had woken to the sounds of little people TRYING hard to be quiet... I couldn't wait any longer as I just knew that they wanted presents! So I got out of bed and said morning greetings before we exchanged presents.

I then did a somewhat 'traditional' Aussiepomm Christmas breakfast of Fried Ham, Eggs, and diced tomato and Onions on toast; YUMM!

After breakfast, they went to their family (my extended family sort of) and I went out to mum's and then over to my sisters, approx 30-40 minute drive west. We had a drink and exchange of gifts, and afterwards, I dropped mum back at her place and headed on a 2hr drive north to L's parents. I stopped to visit L's grave quickly, as I was already running late! There was already a lot of family here, and after a small delay, we sat for Christmas lunch. Funnily enough, little people Mr & Miss 3 (R&R) didn't want to sit and eat, and they were in the family room awfully quiet, until in the silence, there was suddenly the noise of paper ripping! Miss R (3) had found one of her presents and opened it!!!

Anyway, after a long afternoon here, I then had to head 30 minute drive north west out to the extended family (sort of) to B's place for Christmas dinner, third meal of the day. I was now totally exhausted. Had an excellent time here with my dear friends, but I just so wanted to be home in bed.

So that was Christmas with the families... Tomorrow, I will post about the first decade in the 'naughties'!

Hoo roo for now...


19 December, 2010

What a day...

Today started with what is almost a typical Aussie Christmas breakfast... Fried Ham, Tomato's and Eggs on toast... YUMM!! It was done on the BBQ, and was really good 'work food' for the day! Today was going to be a full day, as Saturday was somewhat wasted in that I went out to mum's, had a midday appointment and my mate 'F' had to go up the coast to have a Christmas lunch with his family! So today was a 'catch-up day with the fence...

First though, we cut off the Merbau boards to size, then with the help of a bench drill (and a jig) drill holes... ALL 288 of them! The cutting did not take long at all, NOR did the drill of most of the holes, but the last 48 did take a little longer than the rest but they did get it sorted!

Most of this was done whilst the steel framing was drying after the second coat of black paint, and by the time it was dry, it was now time to start screwing them to the frame... Time was of the essence here, as the Sydney Radar was showing a small rain front coming. We were on our 9th board, when all of a sudden a few drops of rain, and with using an electric drill, it was (quickly) decided that we should retreat to the dryness of the garage... Then it poured like nothing else! We stopped for a while, ordered Chinese for dinner, and then continued along with the last of the screws for the first panel. Enough done for the day, job done!

Tomorrow is another early one, as the spa is being delivered at an unknown time, and 'F' has a funeral to go to so I will be house sitting if it has not arrived by lunch time! This week will also see me dong my Christmas shopping (I just can't seem to get into it, same as last year as L was the major organiser when it came to the Christmas shopping), but it needs to be done. I am also going out for some more Christmas lights to photograph, and I also have a bike to build... I want to watch someone else do it for a while and have a laugh, but it will only mean having to disassemble it to rebuild it, so we will see how we go!

Hoo roo for now...


17 December, 2010

Tis the season to be jolly...

But NOT for one Christmas Lights participant!

Last night, a mate and I (and his dad) went out to get some pics of Christmas lights around Merrylands/Greystanes. Along one road, Cumberland Road in Greystanes, there was a small series of houses with lights, music and FOUR Mr Whippy Vans!

Cumberland Christmas
As I was taking a photo of the Nativity scene in his lounge room window, he came up to me and asked "don't you think you should ask..." My initial thought was to say, "well, if you don't want your place photographed, then WHY do you decorate it and put up the lights"... But instead, I went the diplomatic path and said, "well ok then, is it ok then?"

"It's to late now isn't it" was his reply, to which I said to him "actually its not as I havn't taken a photo yet", folded up my tripod and walked away instead! Where's your Christmas cheer mate?

Cumberland Rd Christmas
Cumberland Rd Christmas

Anyway, after here, we went down to Camellia Rd (number 44 Camellia Rd Greystanes actually) and they were great. I took the criticism from the previous location (and asked) to which the family & friends sitting at a table enjoying the passing traffic, asked "where would you like me to pose"?!! Now THAT'S the Christmas cheer!! These guys are great, friendly and I urge you to go and have a look see what they have. Lots of Christmas scenes in the windows, and boat load of Santa's (not to mention a great looking lawn and garden!)...

Camellia Rd Christmas
Camellia Rd Christmas (see Santa's Sleigh?)
Camellia Rd Christmas
Camellia Rd Christmas

Hoping to go to some more on Saturday/Sunday nights...

Hoo roo for now...


21 November, 2010

Family Christmas Gathering...

Our family, mum's side, has always had a Christmas gathering early. This way, we can then go off to have our own family gatherings! This is not a bad way of doing I think as it allows you to all come together, but still with immediate family 'on the day'!

Strutt Family

Anyway, Saturday, we got together... I was up early and out to the Warwick Farm Farmers Markets, we used to go all the time before April last year, and it was somewhat comforting to go back out there! I got two bags of Green Beans, 2 bags of small Cherry Tomato's and a knob of Ginger to make a regular, Asian Green Bean Salad (with Cherry Tomato's as an extra today!). It is so simple to cook, and SO tasty!

  • Green Beans, topped and tailed.
  • Fresh Ginger (to taste), grated.
  • Soy Sauce (to taste)
  • 4:1 ratio of Peanut Oil and Sesame Oil depending on how big the serving is!

Simmer beans for a couple of mins in a deep pot, keeping them crunchy, whilst warming oils in a wok. When ready, remove from water and ensure they are WELL drained. Then place into the wok with heated oil, and stir-fry for about a minute, then add ginger and soy sauce. continue to toss about in wok, and at this point, I added in the tomato's for about a minute, then plate up (or into a bowl) and serve. You can also have these as a cold option!

See, I told you it was easy, AND tasty too!!!!

Hoo roo for now...


28 December, 2008

Enjoying the summer after Christmas!

Boy, am I glad that Christmas is over for another year... Since, mind you, we have been sort of 'flat out'! With doing things around the house, and L having a bout of the Summer Flu! We have been enjoying some rather warm weather with afternoon thunderstorms (one now actually, stopping work on the cubby-house). I do not really mind this however, as it allows me to watch the second test, Australia v Sth Africa in the Cricket!!!
But, I just thought I would share some shots of what our Christmas day entailed...

Christmas Table 2008 II

Christmas Table
Rosie, seemed as though she was a little 'confused' as to what was happening, but she did like her Santa's hat:

Santa's lil helper
Both Max and Will got Chef's hat's and Max (being the photogenic person he is by always jumping into a shot...) was willing to show his hat off. But as it was late in the day (a very long day for the boys), Will was a little more camera shy:

The mad chef
I can't remember what Rosie got for her Christmas present, but what ever it was, it must have been good (given both mum and dad have the same facial expression):


24 December, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Wishing you all, a very MERRY Christmas!
The 'One True Media' website was giving me grief, so thanks to Flickr, here are the pics...

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EDIT: (26/12/2008) Ok, so the link above didn't work, so lets see how this one goes!
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22 December, 2008

Carols, a photo essay!!!

Saturday, after a busy day of doing this and that, (not to mention having a 3 hour sleep causing us to run more than a 'little' late, saw us sitting in the VIP Lawn area for this years, Carols in the Domain. The day had been forecast for showers/rain, but thankfully, these had stayed away! It was a lovely evening...

Carols 2008

Shannon Noll

Delta Goodrum

Delta & Bryan

Bryan McFadden
And then, there was always SOMETHING for the kids, The Wiggles!!!

The Wiggles

Carols Finale

All photos were taken handheld, no tripod, so they are not to my usual standard, sorry...

29 July, 2007

Winter Christmas in Australia

This morning, I took some photo's in our backyard, before heading up the mountains for our first, "Christmas in July" (the only way we have Christmas in sub 35 degrees... In fact, it was a rather warm 9.5 today! This is somewhat of a novel idea here in Australia.

Fish Bath

Macc Scratch



We had such a lovely lunch and afternoon, as can be seen from the menu for today was:
Entree Garlic & chili prawns on a bed of rocket
Main Roast chicken (with gluten-free stuffing!), Glazed ham, Potato bake, Beans with almonds, Steamed broccoli & peas & Gravy
Dessert Sticky date pudding with cream/ice-cream (a gluten-free one too) & Cheese platter
Drinks Entree – Champagne cocktail or Mocktail; Main - Mulled wine, sauvignon blanc, mineral water, Dessert – Hot chocolate, dessert wine, coffee

July Christmas

Christmas Honey Baked Ham
And, the host's for the day...
There was SO much work put into making the day perfect, and perfect it was. Great food, great company and even the weather played nicely as well. It had been some months since 3 of the guest (including the hostess) left the Gardens where I work, so it was great to catch up. Lets not leave it so long next time...


Christmas Host's
And some fancy 'Cup Cakes' from yesterday...

Cup Cakes