08 January, 2013

Its getting HOT in here today...

Its widely reported in the media here in Australia, Sydney and NSW moreso, that we are getting a heatwave today. With a forecast top of 43C (110F), a lot of provisions have come into play! The National Parks & Wildlife Services (NPWS) have closed ALL of the National Parks, for safety of its visitors and staff/RFS that may have to evacuate and/or fight fires. I think this is an excellent move by NPWS, and I hope that its an 'over-reaction' in the end!

Heat wave 8 January 3013
CLOSED National Parks

This morning, the temperatures were still quite mild, and the charts are suggesting that it will warm up from around 3pm, which is when it will be the hotest. Luckily, the air-conditioner will turn on during the day at home!

Heat wave 8 January 3013
5.30am temp
Heat wave 8 January 3013
Heat wave 8 January 3013
Temps over 24 hours

In these charts, you can see where the heat is coming from; Central NSW and Australia. In the second chart, the Wind Vectors shows how the winds are blowing this hot air into Sydney, so on a day with HIGH temps, LOW humidity and stong gusty winds, its a perfect storm for bushfires, so PLEASE, stay safe, and don't go outside unless necessary! Even the RTA signs along the roads are suggesting IF you're out driving, to take water with you!!

Temps Forecast 8012013
Temp Model Forecast
Temps Forecast 8012013 with Wind Vectors
Temp Model Forecast with Wind Vectors

Hoo roo for now...



  1. Now -8 degrees! And getting colder!

  2. Wow...that's crazy...we're freezing over here! I hope you stay cool and the temp mellows out for you.


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