21 May, 2013

Looking looking looking...

SOME of you may know, that recently, I have been on 'tenterhooks' for the last 18 weeks, well yesterday, it all came to a head… Finally, after 5 weeks since interview, yes thats right FIVE WEEKS, I was told that I was unsuccessful in an application for a position that would have kept me employed. In that time, not a phone call to advise of a delay, not an email to tell us whats happening, no, nothing, which really only added to the stresses of the process!

Now, I DO understand that there is a process involved with recruitment, but the way in which I found out, was, simply atrocious!! I was at my desk, when a person came up into the office, and although this person most likely had NO IDEA I was there, proceeded to tell person 2, that XX had announced that XYZ has got the job! After a couple of seconds silence, I then heard a door close… I was, needless to say, ropable, and I simply wanted to get out of there, there and then! But, I am better than that, and when my Manager came out into the office later on an unrelated matter, I aired my disgust. To the credit of him, he was equally mortified, not only the way in which I discovered the news, but in the way in which it was all handled!

Later in the morning though, I was 'summoned' up into the big office, where I was officially informed of the decision… So, for now, I am still 'viably' employed until everything and everyone is recruited, sometime in July, and at that time, I will become 'excess'! So today, after a sleepless night due to Monday's news, I had a day off to catch up on sleep, not that I got that much.

Instead, I mowed the nature strip first, then my front lawn. next up, the back lawn, and hung out a load of washing, and stripped the bed, and washed the sheets. I then got out some flannelette sheets, as it is getting cooler now!! Late in the afternoon though, I finally managed to get some banking done, but I had to travel to Rooty Hill to deposit some cheques! Dinner is in, a simple pie and baked spuds with peas and gravy. Its an interesting night on the box tonight, so I will simply chill, relax and 'try' not to get stressed anymore!

Hoo roo for now...


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  1. It all stinks to high Heaven! I am so sorry B. I know you were counting on the job. But let me tell you a little story. Next week I go to Savs first birthday. I must spend the afternoon in the presence of my ex husband. This is a man who did terrible things to me, in the 11 years of our marriage. Someone asked me if I'd be upset spending time in his presence (after all he threw me and our marriage away)? Nope! Because in the end, he doesn't get to have me and I am worth my weight in gold (and more)! The same can be said about you. You may not have the job with the gardens anymore, but they lose in the end because they do not have you! And you, my friend, are worth your weight in gold!


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