28 May, 2013

Sydney - by air!

today, I finally got to do a hell-flight over the CBD of Sydney, but it almost didn't eventuate!! A little thing called FOG had set in! It was early, it was think and it hung around!

BUT, I arrived out at Bankstown, and we had to wait a little bit, and constantly checking the webcams for the area. The aircraft, an R44, would be going out at max MTOW as there was four onboard; Pilot flying (training), Pilot Trainer, another learner (who'd later do his first solo) and little ole me!

The planned routing would be departing Bankstown, turning right at Rosehill, then following the Parramatta River, flying over the Southern Pylon of the Sydney harbour Bridge. then onwards to Goat Island near Rose Bay, U turn and back to Bankstown. Along the way, there was some pretty amazing sites, even with the remaining fog about the place!

Sydney Harbour Bridge-3101
Sydney Harbour Bridge
RBG Sydney-3116
Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney
Opera House and CBD-3141
Sydney Opera House and CBD
'Carnival Spirit' Cruise Ship Circular Quay-3157
'Carnival Spirit' in Circular Quay
Drummoyne Bay-3179
Gladesville Bridge
ANZ Stadium-3210
ANZ Stadium - Home of the Sydney 2000 Olympics

I am SO grateful for being given the opportunity of doing this flight, it was a b'day present, and for the pilot flying, who was finishing his endorsement on the day… I had a BALL of a time!

Hoo roo for now...


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  1. Bloomin heck Bernie, these shots are fantabulous! the first over my most very favourite bridge in the world was just so cool. What an amazing experience, I may have to overcome my fear of flying and try this over Perth..don't hold your breath though haha!


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