04 January, 2024

Back To Work Blues

Ugh, it was a 'back to work blues' kind of day today....

It was, on the most part, a pretty good day as most of the hype I had heard, wasn't on today, but in the late afternoon, yeah there was a bit of critical thinking needed, and QUICKLY!

We had a driver up north, who would've missed 2 ccritical pickups, but a bit or work, re-routing included, ensured these times were all met... I am yet to see if it all worked out though, but I suspect all is good as I had no calls after I left work!!

ONE more day tomorrow, and hopefully a relatively good day ahead!!! And then out to dinner with a mate, standard thing really!!!

Whats your plans for the weekend?? I just have some editing of photos to get through really, nothing too much!

Hoo roo for now...


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