20 January, 2024

Resting Up - but managed to get something achieved!!

YES, I have been resting, not much choice really when its difficult to do much at all, but I have also been somewhat busy... With ASSISTANCE!!!

I moved house back in the November of 2016. And, late this week, we managed to cut down the boxes I have left to unpack, by 7 or 8!!!

These were bought into me basically, and they were also easy targets, alcohol!!! Now, wines were basically thrown, as were spirits that were open, and beer!!! I am not a beer drinker really, especially XXXX that Queenslanders seem to like, so they were also thrown down the sink!!!

Once sorted, and photographed haha, they were then put into the China Cabinet and set aside now for consumption in the comoing weeks or months (year?) haha

Hoo roo for now...



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