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13 May, 2014

Wordless Wednesday No. 91 - Brisbane

S T O R E Y - B R I D G E-2478

This is a 'not quite so' wordless post, sorry! But, the other week, I was up in Brisbane, the Capital city of Queensland. It is a nice enough city, and I was there for the Sydney Swans v Brisbane Lions AFL game, which we (Swans) won easily!

However, I had SUCH a good time up there, doing some photography (story bridge above), that I am again heading up in a weeks time! This time, I shall be doing some slightly different stuff to the 'norm' I have been challenging myself with...

I have been doing a few 'Time-Lapse' things later, and here is the Storey Bridge.

I've also gotta say, there a mighty fine bunch of friends up in Brisbane, and I will be happy to catch up and do some more photography again!

Hoo roo for now...


06 December, 2010

Farewell to the flying pigs (F-111)

I was lucky enough, to last week take a quick trip up to Brisbane for the final flyover of the F-111 as they enter retirement... It was an early start to get to the airport for the 6.30am flight, and for the quick 1hr flight north. The forecast wasn't great, but I held onto hope that at LEAST, it would not rain.

Luckily for us, when we arrived it wasn't raining, there was a lot of high cloud, so we jumped on the train to the International terminal first up. After a quick look around, no external observation deck :( we got back onto the train and headed for Brisbane city. We got off the train at South Brisbane, and walked through the University to the ferry wharf. The River Cats here pick up a fair bit of speed, and before long we were heading towards the city, Storey Bridge and all the way up to Bulimba and the International Wharf that my BIL built a couple of years back.

Brisbane River
Bougainvillea South Bank
Storey Bridge
City Cat
Bulimba Ferry Wharf
International Terminal Alex Built

As time was nearing for the flyover, we headed back into Brisbane, and when we got off the River Cat, and waiting for the small ferry to cross the river to Kangaroo Cliffs, it absolutely POURED down... Not looking good. But, we took refuge under a covered pathway near the wharf, and after about 15-20 minutes, it stopped just as our ferry arrived!

Once on the other side, we quickly walked towards the stairs that would take us up the cliff... It was hard work, humid after the rain, but I was thankful I was in shorts! There was more than a few people up there already, and the crowd grew until the actual flyover! After a girl next to us had noticed the formation approaching prior to us, I would have to say, it was all over in about 10 seconds, but I was glad to have been there to see/hear them!

City Ferry

After the flyover, we again headed down the stairs to the ferry (it was a lot easier to go down than up) and headed back over to the City side and to the 'Pig & Whistle' pub for lunch, an organic beef burger and chips!


After lunch, we headed back to the airport for a bit of spotting, as I noticed a grassy knoll just before the International station. We got off the train, and in the time to walk out of the terminal, guess what, AGAIN it was pouring! We got back to the Domestic terminal (via the train) and did some spotting (through glass :( ) from the safety of rain...

Alliance Fokker VH-FIW
Virgin 738 to Sydney

Getting home was late due to the lateness of the inbound aircraft due to weather in Sydney. Another quick 1 hour flight and home at around 10.30pm... A great day, and thanks again Jayden for the trip!

Hoo roo for now...