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18 December, 2010

Bon Jovi & my 10th Anniversary

Last night, I was invited to go to Bon Jovi's first Sydney Concert... I thought it would have been a great concert, but I had NO idea JUST how good it would be! Here is what the stage looked like about 15-20 minutes prior to the concert starting...

Bon Jovi Stage

And just after he started his 2 hour PLUS concert, without a break really!

Bon Jovi Opening set
Richie Sambora did one song whilst the man went off and have a change, but the concert itself went non stop!

My mate's mum (and friends) came in from Parkes in Western NSW for the concert, and as one of the family had to stay at home to attend to whats left of the crop after the recent rains/floods, this is how I got a spare ticket! I am so grateful for the ticket, and the night, thanks again Jayden!

I say this, as yesterday would have been my 10th Anniversary...

Wedding Day
I was feeling a little down for most of the day, and this concert CERTAINLY lifted my mood as did the two bits of good news I got in the afternoon!

  1. I got my Electricity bill, which was a total of $9.31cr!!!! So nothing to pa now until the next billing cycle in around 2.5 - 3 months time!
  2. I got an email from the Tax Department, saying that my tax is processed, I had paid too much money in places, and that my regular monthly bill will be reduced. Again, this was great timing as well!

After the concert, we got away from the stadium pretty quickly for where I was parked. We headed down to Harry's Cafe de Wheels for a pie. I had my normal Chicken and Mushroom pie with cheese and tomato sauce, whilst Jayden had the same pie, but with mashed potato and mushy peas with gravy! Its called a "Chicken Tiger"! It was his first time at Harry's and I suspect, it will not be his last!

Hoo roo for now...


18 December, 2008

On a night like this...

Yesterday, we celebrated our 8th anniversary, and was it a very different day to that day 8 years ago... No where near as hot (from memory, it was nearing 40 degrees c...) where as yesterday was simply MUGGY!

We had decided that this year, we will once again go and see Kylie Minouge (aka as the singing budgie), and boy, was it a great night! I managed to get, what I thought were pretty good tickets. It was not until we got to the seats that we VERY quickly realised that we actually had GREAT seats! Slightly having to look to the left, but we were pretty much level to the stage and about 25m from it! Whilst this show was a little dark and lite on with staging, but the light show more than made up for it... I tried to get a couple of shots on my mobile, but they simply did not work out (and I thought there was no need to take the little 'point and shoot' camera as there is NORMALLY no photography allowed!).

We got to the venue, Acer Arena, a little early and had a bite to eat at the 'Brewery'. We both wanted to have the Salt & Pepper Calamari, but it had sold out, so I just had the Fish 'n' Chips and L had the Seared Chicken breast and salad. I also enjoyed a Bourbon & coke, and at $9.50 boy, did it taste good!!!

After leaving the Arena, with ringing ears and still buzzing after an additional 5 set encore (it was her last Sydney concert...), we got home just around midnight to a couple of pets angry we were not home! So Happy Anniversary L!

Whats next though, I hear you ask? I have also managed to get tickets to this years Carols in the Domain. This is being held on Saturday night, and is a lovely event. We will be catching up with friends for the night, so hopefully the night will be storm free and a typically Wonderful Sydney evening. Here is a shot from a previous Carols:

Carols Domain

Carols Crowd

Carols Man with hat

Carols Dog