29 May, 2004

Hi all, We had a great visit with Enfield Council today. We met with Sule and Tom and it was kind of weird to find out how similar our councils are. Enfield has delivered some great LA21 programs, I particularly liked the black and ethnic groups art group who made baskets from telephone cabling, and the blow up earth ball in the park which people could write messages which are then used in planning for their city.

We had lunch with Sule and Tom at a local pub, which we got to by walking along a canal which is apparently the drinking water. On our way to the pub we also spotted a squirrel rustling around in the grass. Check out the photos. I am going to get some peanuts so that I am prepared to lure one my way next time I see one.

We also now have our mobiles working, thanx to the optus man who went to great lengths in helping to identify us.

Well gotta go, we are about to walk over to Anjli's for dinner.

It is Friday, 5.35pm London Time.

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