23 May, 2004

Only a couple of days to go!!! We have had a very busy weekend.

I actually had a long weekend, having Friday as a flex day with mum. We went duty free shopping at The Rocks, although found nothing worthwhile buying. But we did find some good things, including a great button shop and a shop with clothes for me. We also managed a visit to the Mosman Art Gallery to view the Kerrie Lester exhibition 'A stitch in time'. She is my favourite artist right now!

Saturday I helped A move house, and today we got ready for the trip - lots of washing was done, which also included Macc. Thanx to L and C he is nicely spruced up for his sleepover(s) with Granny and Pop.

We also got visitors this evening from the littlest sister and her lovely boyfriend, and the sister next down. It was really nice to get together, and B cooked a fabulous dinner as usual.

Thank you, to all who have sent us 'bon-voyage' messages. It is going to be so good to just get on the plane and relax.

Hopefully, we can keep everyone up to date via this BLOG.

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