31 May, 2004

It is now 11.54pm, Sunday 30 May.

We have not long returned back to the hotel. It has been a jam packed weekend. We had a great night at Anjli and Rohan's. It was a really relaxed evening, Anjli cooked us fantastic Indian, Ruth frayed Anjli's jeans for her and through good conversation we viewed A and R's wedding photos. It is a year since they got married. Time really has rushed by. Although jet lag seemed to have overlooked us, we left at 10pm, a good night's sleep was in order for an early start at the Portobello Markets.

Saturday we did the Portobello Markets - they were a little overwhelming from both their size and the amount of people they attracted. We got their early but were over them by 1'ish and only about 3/4 through. We also visited Brixton, R's old neighbourhood, went into central London on a red bus,and had a look at some of the shops on Regent St, including Past Times. We discovered the Marks and Spencers just around the corner and down the road which might be the place to get dinner one night. The range of pre-packaged meals was unbelievable, does anyone here cook a meal from scratch?

Jet lag kicked in early afternoon for me and I had completely lost it by 6'ish. I had a sleep before dinner but was a walking zombie. I think the lady at the Carribean restaurant (Mr Jerk - that was what it was called, really) we went to for dinner may have felt a bit sorry for me as she brought me over an extra drink of their Pinapple Punch which was like a pineapple smoothie. We were home by 9pm and I slept right through till 8am the next day.

Sunday we did the full on tourist thing visiting Kensington Palace, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Fortnum and Mason, Tea Museum, The Globe, Coventry and just a few bridges -Millenium Bridge, London Bridge, Tower Bridge. The highlight of the day though I think was the ride on the London Eye (see it here) which, was truly amazing and well worthwhile.

Anyway time to sleep, we are off to Bristol tommorrow.

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