07 May, 2004

I'm back - after asking B how to jazz up my blog, we now have a webpage. I am not sure how I feel about this, it has all become a bit complicated. It is not too bad really given that it is his first attempt.

It is the littlest sister's Birthday today - Happy Birthday O. I think she is 27.

I have since finished the Noah's x-stitch and am back doing my quilt with help from Macc the greyhound and Jas kitty (not). When we work out how to add photo's you'll see what I mean - I am using the loungeroom floor as my workbench, and every time I turn around, one of them has set up camp and looks so comfortable I feel guilty moving them on.

Well it has been a rather tiring week so its off to bed with a DVD (thanks A, it will be 'Down with love').

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