09 May, 2004

Burnt toast for dinner!!! B is now in the kitchen attempting to rectify the situation. I know, I know, you shouldn't walk away and forget that you have toast under the grill.... But the plants needed watering.

I hope the mum's had a great day today, especially my mum. My mum put on a lovely lunch for everyone - she is such a good cook. Nan made some great desserts, lemon delicious and a lemon cream sponge. Yummy. And Auntie C's chocolate fruit cake, was also very good. Why didn't I get the good cook genes?

Thanx dad for the Big Ears in the Noddy Plane. I needed a bit of a cheer up and that was a very nice surprise.

I hope my Pa gets rid of that cold soon. He didn't sound too good.

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