26 May, 2004

Hello from Narita!!!
Well after a fairly uneventful flight, I arrived in Narita last night at around 6pm local time (7pm Syd time).
As we were approaching Guam, we had to fasten seat belts for a bit of turbulence, but that was all there was. As we approached Narita, I could not get over the amount of Rice Paddy Fields there were, it seemed to go on for miles!! Everything is so green over here!!
I had a hamburger for dinner, and it cost 2200 yen (approx 32AUD! Ouch!!
Well I am sitting here now on a free service that the Narita airport have set up. I am overlooking the transport that takes passengers from the satellite terminal from the main terminal. I will put some pics in over the next couple of days. It is weird, as these are controlled without a driver!! At the centre, there is a crossover in the middle, and the trains are propelled via magnetism or something!!!
My flight is leaving soon, so I will leave it there for now. Next stop, London!!

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