30 April, 2005

circus in central park

circus in central park
on our trip to Melbourne in 2004, B and I called into a couple of patchwork and quilting shops, which is how I have come to my next project. This quilt from Patchwork on Central Park is called 'Circus in Central Park'. It features reproduction 30's fabrics with a circus theme.

Progress on this quilt is going to be slow to start with, as today was the last class for a few weeks. Our teacher is going to New Zealand for a month. I have a good handle on the cutting out though so will be able to have this finished by the time she gets back. I am really stepping up the difficulty factor here - this time 2 different sized squares as opposed to my last quilt which was squares pieced together all of the same size.
Comment from L: This post is actually from me - I am having a go at using B's Flickr for posting of images

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