25 April, 2005

not coming home today

my boy is not coming home today, after his leg giving out in the bathroom yesterday causing him to land on his tush with a thud, he is now in a lot of pain. I am not sure when I can bring him home, although the specialist will have the final say, his physio says it won't be for a few days yet. I think in B's keenness (is that a word/how you spell it if it is? don't answer - I'm too tired to care) to come home he may have pushed himself too hard when it came to working with the physio that day and doing the stairs. He needed to prove he could manage stairs in order to come home, especially as our bedroom is up a flight of 16 stairs. I think in trying to get home as soon as possible has actually caused him this setback. When it came to making the short walk (less than half a dozen steps) to the bathroom, his leg gave way and down he went, leading to lots of pain, a visit by the Registrar, more pain relief prescribed, and a call to the specialist, although no call to me. I had gone home to get some shopping done and housework in preparation for B's return home. Of course, I was a lot surprised (and disappointed) at what had taken place since leaving the hospital at midday.

On a positive note the Littlest Sister and newest Brother In Law, along with A were at the hospital when I arrived back, which was much appreciated, B definitely needed the company and cheering up. I did a bit of a fashion parade for both A and B, before going home, of the items of clothing I had treated myself to whilst doing the shopping.

I also continued finishing the threads on my (gingham rose) quilt, pictures to come soon, whilst A, B and I watched My Restaurant Rules.

I am now off to do the lawns before heading back to the hospital.

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