17 April, 2005

infinity and beyond

Max is 3! His birthday was yesterday, a date he shares with B's mum. Today my side of the family got together at mum and dad's for a BBQ and cake for the man of the moment.

Cake Cutting Concentration
Max is 3 and very entertaining, apart from dazzling us with his ability to say the alphabet all by himself (slowing slightly at 'w') he dazzled us by reciting quotes from Buzz Lightyear, his favourite being "...infinity and beyond..." as he travelled past in his new outfit. The Littlest Sister had picked a winner in that gift.

Buzz lIghtyear
Max is very much into superheroes so the spiderman dressing gown from B and me was also a hit.


Buzz or Spiderman, what will I be??

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