12 April, 2005

thanx Natski!

Well, as you would have read earlier, with interest I hope, we have just spent a week in Melbourne, alas away from the kidz (aka 'The Petz'). We had such a lovely time, with a conference to go to, the Melbourne Flower Show and study to do, just to make up the mix!

After the weekend of debate for Uni, which happened to be the same weekend for the littlest sister's wedding we left the house in the capable hands of Natski. Now whilst everything was FINE, there was a slight dilemma with poor old Jasmine! She had an injury of sorts, and whilst she was going to call us about it, it was decided by both Natski and BMJ that a trip to 'Uncle Allen's' for a 'Check up' was best. Saving us from being on the "First available flight back"! This would not have been the case, mind you, as we were at the Flower Show at the time, and still had a day of SHOPPING to do!!!

So Natski unfortunately had to pay for the pleasure of:
  1. Catching Jasmine.
  2. Carting her down to the Vet in the washing basket with the dish rack on top to stop her getting loose in her car.
  3. Jasmine, not being the best traveler, wet herself in the said clothes basket which overflowed onto her work top which was required that night or the following morning!! YUK!
  4. Giving her a quarter of a tablet morning and night (not an easy thing to do when you're by yourself...)

All whilst we were having such a lovely time!!!

To make matters worse, for poor Natski, when we got back and it was time to say goodbye (she had a party to go to), her car had a flat battery and was going NOWHERE!!! But that's another blogg that Natski will have to do....

The house was ok though, and we hope that this saga of sorts, has not put her off wanting to do it again!!

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