12 April, 2005


Surprise! I have suprised myself. There is strong competition for the computer these days at our place - B is studying totally online and that pretty much gives him first dibs on the PC. When I get a go, I get distracted by ebay, other blogs and then have to force myself to visit my uni discussion board. Sooooooooo.... our blog is suffering, and I generally don't have the time to make an entry when I am at work. But not today. I have made time, whilst having my lunch.

I am also attempting to get more organised - last night I made myself a timetable for when I will study, watch tv, and for other commitments, such as quilting. I felt I needed to make it clear for myself, but also B, when I needed the computer, time out, etc. I also made a list of things to get done including to blog. It made me feel so much better, I was back in control of my time. Hooray for me!

The next few entries I will address the wedding of 10 days ago, our trip to Melbourne last week, and then if anything of interest has occured this week, you'll hear about it.

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