26 April, 2005

this blog isn't called burnt offerings for no reason

this is b's sore back. Even though it was keyhole surgery, it is still quite a sizeable scar (approx. 10cm).

b's sore back

This evening we had a visit from our friend Nurse M who came to watch Survivor and ensure B was ok. He was a bit irritable, his back was sore from the drive home from the hospital, having to negotiate the steps and something to do with the smoke alarm going off whilst I was burning/cooking dinner (and as the smoke alarm is hardwired to the house alarm it is a bit noisy). The alarm going off was made worse as we didn't know how to turn it off, as it has not happened before. I eventually worked it out and pointed out the positive side, that at least we now know it works. I was beginning to wonder...

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