24 September, 2006

craft withdrawl

there has been a distinct lack of craft posts due to no craft projects being undertaken in recent weeks, or is it months??? I have been loathe to do anything as I am meant to be studying. Keeping up to date on readings, writing assignments, and studying for an exam always provides more than enough motivation to be distracted by a craft project, to clean the house, or weed the garden. And whilst knitting or cross-stitch have been favourite distractions in the past, this time round weeding the garden has probably come in first, followed by cleaning the house, although the standards here are slipping.

This weekend the garden was again the focus of my distraction, with visits to The Indian Bazaar and Wisteria Gardens where we picked up Clivias and Bromeliads respectively for massed displays in the backyard.
Bromeliad bargain
The Indian Bazaar also provided a much needed craft infusion with this find of fabrics and lace.

pretty paisley patchwork fabric



funky fabric

linen bag
7 weeks and counting and I will be MBA free forever.

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