06 September, 2006

eye spy statues

Me: I need a coffee
Nephew No 1: just relax
Me: How can I relax, I need a coffee
Nephew No 1: sit quietly
Me: but I need a coffee
Nephew No1: you need to say nuffing for a while, and you'll be all right
Me: ok

Aside: today I was shattered, I had a broken nights sleep, not from either of the boyz, but from the frog/cane toad that was throwing stones at our window through the night. I first woke at 3 ish, to the racket, lay in bed for a bit listening, yep definitely someone casing the joint, woke B and told him to be quiet and listen, then sent him on a mission to check the back door in the dark. He said it was nothing, came back to bed, and promptly fell back to sleep. 3 to 4 ish, and it continued, listen, there is definately someone out there......

B: is that the sound you're talking about...it's a frog, go back to sleep.

back to conversation:
Nephew No1: What goes riddup and has spots?
Me: I've no idea, a frog?
Nephew: No!
Me: I give up, I need a coffee.
Nephew: a leopard frog

We have played a lot of eye spy lately due to a couple of long drives. I particularly like the version which does not involve letters but a description of what has been spyed, although Nephew No 1 particularly likes to spy trees. Yesterday I spoke with a friend in Sydney, who also told me of a game 'statues' her friend plays with her preschoolers. It goes like this, you have to stay very still (and quiet), the first person to move loses. Note however, this is a little difficult to do whilst preparing dinner if you are also in the game.

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